EMB-312 Tucano (T-27)

These photos were taken by Mário de Vasconcelos Serelle

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Photos directly below were taken of a Brazilian Air Force's EMBRAER EMB-312
Tucano, called T-27 / AT-27 here in Brazil, taken by myself during the last year's Aviator's Day Celebrations (Oct 23rd), at Air Force Maintenance Center PAMA-LS, located in Lagoa Santa, MG - Brazil.

Two-Tone Gray scheme Brazilian Air Force Academy scheme Brazilian Display Team old scheme Nose view


Nose RH view Flap Canopy  Landing light


That's me!! Engine cowl Tail RH Tail LH


Tail light Belly Shot showing various antennas Nose View with landing gear Main landing gear Main landing gear Front instrument panel

Both rear and front cockpit have similar instruments and side consoles. 

Ejection seat headrest Martin-Baker MB BR8LC ejection seat Cockpit and RH console Canopy frame Canopy

Air Force Academy old scheme Air Force Academy old scheme Cockpit floor and control column Rear instrument panel


Rear cockpit, RH console Rear cockpit Front cockpit, LH console Oxigen bottle, located behind rear ejection seat


Control column Rear instrument panel Front cockpit, RH console Rear cockpit, LH sidewall

Photos and text © 2003 by  Mário de Vasconcelos Serelle