Avro Lancaster

These photos were taken by Dave Hollingsworth on Oct 23 2003

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Photos directly below were taken in Perth, Western Australia of an Avro Lancaster at the local Air Force Museum.

Aft turret Aircraft Id Belly blister Blister


elevator & rudder linkage rear view engine bulkhead (top) Forward turret Front turret from above


Front Gearbay Gearwell inboard flaps


inside looking aft from entry door inside turret Looking aft  Looking FWD from rear entry


Looking Fwd from Starb entry door looking straight up into bombardeers section misc flap structure No 2 from below


No 2 lower inboard view No 2 outboard Mount No 2 top front view No 2 top view


No 2. outboard view No 3 wheelwell & flap nacelle No. 2 inboard side No. 2 lower view


No.2 starboard side No2 wiring harness etc No3. bottom & rear view outboard flap group


Port rubber trim tab outboard Port side ammo track Portside gear strut Stab flap & No 3 eng


Starb rudder trim tab (inboard side) Stbd inboard flaps Tail turret tailplane elevator and vertical fin joint looking up from below


Tailplane trimtab...note turret to left of pic Tailwheel mount Tailwheel tailwheel

Photos and text 2003 by Dave Hollingsworth