Cavalier 2000

These photos were taken by Greg Wise

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Photos directly below were taken at  This plane is a Cavalier 2000, named two thousand for her range before refueling ' 2000 miles', original built as a high speed executive transport, they never really caught on, some were used by many airforces including the USAF. This one is finished in central American export camo and is owned to the son of the man that founded and operated the Cavalier corp. this mustang has many features not found on standard mustangs like exterior doubler stringers that run along the sides of the fuselage, wing tip tanks, dual landing lights just to name a few. she is a real beauty and very fast.  Greg

nose dual landing lights and scoop strobe port front port tank has light


port side port detail fuselage doubler for added strength port rear rear


starboard detail starboard rear starboard tank no light starboard


tip tank detail

Photos and text 2003 by Greg Wise