Hawker Siddeley (Avro) HS.748 Srs 2A, locally designated C-91

These photos were taken bMario Serelle and Emidio Neto

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This is a Hawker Siddeley (Avro) HS.748 Srs 2A operated by the Brazilian Air Force under C-91 designation. Brazil still has 5 operational aircraft of the 11 originaly purchased during the 60s. These 5 airframes are being upgraded and receiving a new painting scheme in overall gray. 

These pictures were taken during an Air Show at one of the Brazilian Air Force maintenance depot on October 2002.

Overall view, old paint scheme Front view Nose section Main entry door


Instrument panel Propeller Engine nacele Engine nacele close-up


Engine nacele from right side Exhaust Tail section RH emergency door


Nose landing gear Main landing gear from behind Underfuselage antennas

The photos directly below were taken by Emidio Neto in 2002. Note this aircraft is wearing the new paint scheme adopted during 2002.

Badge 1st Squadron of 2nd  Transport Group

Nose Nose section

Side LH view Front Front view


Engine Rolls-Royce Dart Turboprop

Cockpit Cockpit, of course!

Tail Tal section

Photos and text 2002 by Mario Serelle and Emidio Neto