These photos were taken by Phillip Steele on July 1 2003

  Canada Day 

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Photos directly below were taken at 14 Wing Greenwood N.S. Air Museum on Mar 20 02 & May 17 03.

Hats off to all for keeping these display aircraft in such fine condition. 

Front of aircraft Landing lights Port wing tip. Note the fuel dump nozzles. Rear fus' and fin.


Aft. Note the hatch.  Aft  Upper starboard fin.  Lower part of fin. 


Lettering and rondel, starboard side. I don't what these units are. They are simetricle.  

Starboard side forward. Some "weatherizing" is currently under way.



Nozzle. Unknown purpose. Different view of same. This protrusion under the stab. can be seen in several of the pictures. Unkown purpose. Prop.


Exhaust pipes. Inboard view of starboard wheel. Port wheel well, forward. Close up of Port well, forward.


Top of port well, outboard. Top of port well, inboard. Fuel bladder can be seen. Port well, top view. Port well, back. Port well door, inboard.

Photos and text 2002 by Phillip Steele