EH101-511 CAF CH-149

"Cormorant" Canadian S.A.R.

These photos were taken by Grant Matthews

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Photos directly below were taken at the at Leadville airport, Colorado while the Canadians were involved in some high altitude testing. The Italeri model is not a bad model of PP9 but significant changes are required to convert it to a Cormorant. The Italeri models seem to be a strange mix of pre-production and production mold lines, but here I have just pointed out the more easily fixed discrepancies to enable the building of a production standard model that only the most scrupulous spotter would find fault with.  Grant Matthews

EH101-*** Variant designations are listed at bottom of page

Front view of aircraft showing the 3 pitot system (not bulges around early static vents), wire cutters, Nite-Sun placement and the full tension link fairings. Note also that there is no 'dam' on the nose.

Front view of the starboard side showing the large, fixed double winch, two bubble windows, a large square window in the sliding door and some detail on the blade tip colour scheme.

Starboard view of cockpit. Note all the remove before flight flags and the fact that there are static vents on both sides of the aircraft, unlike any of the current (Jan.'03) kits.

View of starboard fuselage. Differences from the Italeri kit are the fixed, double winch, the 'Canadian Forces' stencil and the bubble window.

Rear view of the starboard. Note the floatation bag on the side of the sponson, not the same as in the kit. The side panel from the RN kit and the lower panel from the RAF kit result in a better CSH sponson. Note also that the IPS exhaust on the No. 3 (stbd) engine is on the inboard side of the main exhaust and that the red stripe across the tailboom has curved leading and trailing edges. 


Rear view showing tailrotor hub detail, fuselage strake contours and the exhaust exit angles.

Rear view of the port side, showing nicely the fuselage discolouration from the number 2 exhaust. The HF aerial is also different to that supplied in the kit. It is in fact exactly the same as the Mk3 aerial. Note also that there are two bubble windows on this side and, below 'Canada', a slightly smaller square escape window.

Detail of port side fin markings and tailrotor.

Detail of underside of rear of aircraft showing Canadian roundal that does not appear on the kit decal sheet.

Port side fuselage showing the Nite-Sun attachment and a sponson storage bay open.


Port side cockpit detail showing ice accretion gauges just above the smallest window and, port side only, footsteps with hinged covers. 

To complete the walk around a nice port front view, Showing the twin main wheel undercarriage.

Blade detail showing orientation of blade tie down markings and the yellow tip area. Please note, ALL EH101 blades are green, not black as stated in the instructions. Use the same green as for the fuselage of the Revell RAF Mk3 kit, a 33/67 mix of NATO olive matt (Matt 46) and Bronze Green (Matt 65). 

Rear view of the aircraft, this time with the ramp open. Anyone care to paint all those stripes!? Note the 2 lengths of cable supporting the open ramp.

EH101-*** Variant designations

Series 100 - Military, Naval 

Marina Militare Italiana (MMI)

                                -110 MMI ASW/ASVW

                (Anti Submarine Warfare/Anti Surface Vessel Warfare)

                                -112 MMI ASWV/E

                 (Anti Surface Warfare Vessel/Early warning)


                Royal Navy (RN)

                                -111 RN 'Merlin' HMA Mk1 ASW

                                                (Anti Submarine Warfare)


Series 300 - Civil (No ramp) 

                                -310 Civil, Passenger

 Series 400 - Military, Utility

                  Marina Militare Italiana (MMI)

                                -410 MMI (Batch 1) Utility

                                 -413 MMI (Batch 2) ASH

                                                (Amphibious Support Helicopter)

                 Royal Air Force

                                -411 RAF 'Merlin' HC Mk3 Utility


Series 500 - Civil Utility

                 Tokyo Metropolitan Police (TMP)

                                -510 Civil Utility


                Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

                                -511 CAF 'Cormorant' CH-149 CSAR

                                                (Combat Search And Rescue)

                 Danish Air Force (DAF)

                                -512 DAF SAR/TTT

(Search And Rescue/Tactical Troop Transport)


Portuguese Air Force (PAF)

                                -514 PAF SAR

                                                (Search And Rescue)

                                 -515 PAF SIFICAP

            (System of Supervision and Control of Fishing Activities)

                                 -516 PAF CSAR

                                    (Combat Search And Rescue)

Photos and text 2002 by Grant Matthews