These photos were taken by Ross Spenard

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Basic specs Head on view Cockpit, three quarter view Port side, 3 quarter view Nose gear


Overview, cockpit port side Cockpit, port side markings detail Overview cockpit port side markings Engine and transmission housing, side view Main gear, detail


Overview, search light Overview, port sponson Port side sponson, side view detail Engine and transmission housing


Rear port side antenna Overview, strake, port side tail Overview, tail rotor Port side antenna, rear view Overview tail


Loading ramp Interior 3 quarter view looking forward Passenger seating, port side Passenger seating, starboard side Overview tailplane


Crash beacon, detail Tailplane starboard view Overview, starboard side Rotor head, detail Winch, side view, detail


Winch, detail Cargo door, starboard side markings Cockpit, three quarter view, starboard side Cable cutter, detail

Photos and text 2002 by Ross Spenard