P-47D Block 35

"Jacky's Revenge"

These photos were taken and copyrighted by David Aungst

Photos directly below were taken September 14, 2002


Continuing the testing of my Canon PowerShot-G2 digital camera, I turned my attentions to this restored P-47D Thunderbolt. I think this is only the second flying P-47 that I have seen in person. They are fairly rare, compared to something like the P-51 Mustang.

Again, I was taking some pictures just to test the capabilities on the camera, shooting into the sun and into shadow areas to see if the camera would figure out the proper lighting to capture the intended subject. It worked flawlessly. The following pictures have had minimal adjustments made for lighting or color balance. I did brighten a few of the pictures to better highlight what I wanted, but I did not have to do much.

I hope you find these pictures helpful. Considering the up-coming Tamiya release of a P-47D kit, these are likely to be of greater use in the coming months.

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Overview Propeller and Engine Propeller Detail Engine Detail


Left Landing Gear Left Wheel Detail Left Wing Underside Left Flap Underside


Left Flap Hinge Detail Left Landing Gear Overview Forward Fuselage


Left Engine Cowl Cowl Flaps and Engine Exhaust Middle Fuselage Left Score Board


Cockpit Canopy Middle Fuselage My Family (left to right)
Alex, Renee, Christopher
Rear Fuselage


Left Wing Flap Left Wing Flap Left Tail Left Tail


Tail Hinge Detail Rear Overview Tail Hinge Detail Left Horizontal Tail


Right Tail Right tail Tail Wheel Right Wing Flap


Overview Wing Root and
Relief Tube Detail
Middle Fuselage Right Score Board


Right Wing Underside Right Flap Underside Right Engine Cowl Right Engine Cowl


Cowl Flaps and Engine Exhaust Right Wheel Well Right Flap Hinge Detail Right Flap Hinge Detail


Right Landing Gear Right Landing Gear Right Wheel Detail Engine Detail Engine Detail