Walkaround #348

Curtiss SB2C5 Helldiver 

Reference photos by Mihail Solanakis

Bomb bay aft



This Helldiver is displayed inside the big hangar which serves as main exhibition hall.  Unfortunately the bad lighting and the position of the aircraft makes it impossible to take pictures from a greater distance.  This particular aircraft was part of a number delivered  from U.S. Navy  stocks to Greece in 1949, and helped defeat  the communist forces and thus end the 4-year civil war.  It is  one of the very few Helldivers existing today anywhere in the world, and one of two in the whole of Europe, (the other one is in France).

Mihail Solanakis

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Bomb Bay door

Bomb bay forward
dive brakes


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main gear

gear well


Photos and text by Mihail Solanakis