Walkaround #160

Commonwealth Aircraft CA-27 Avon Sabre

Reference photos by Shane Weier

Port side of cockpit area of fuselage, showing the squadron insignia



In the late 1940's the Royal Australian Air Force began searching for a succesor to its first front line jet aircraft, the Meteor and Vampire.  The North American F-86 Sabre fit the RAAF's needs well, but a more powerful engine and armament was required. A decision was made to produce a modified F-86F at CAC using the Rolls Royce Avon turbojet in place of the usual General Elelctric J-34.  Since the Avon was shorter, lighter, but larger in diameter than the engine it replaced, and with the replacement of the six 0.50" machine gun armament with two 30mm cannon, the fuselage was greatly modified; so much so that only 40% of the structure is common to the original aircraft. Service testing began at the end of 1954, with full serveice commencing in early 1956.

Three series of Avon Sabres were built, Mark 30 aircraft had the original slatted wing and Mark 31 aircraft had the extended hard wing, while many Mark 30's were updated with the newer wing.  The definitive Mark 32 version used Australian built Avon 26 engines and the 6-3 wing, and were fitted (or retrofitted) to use the Sidewinder missile.

The aircraft photographed for the walkaround (A94-914) is a Mark 30 fitted with the hard wing. 

The CAC Avon Sabre was  replaced in RAAF use by the Mirage, with sixteen surplus aircraft going to Malaysia where they served successfully until replacement in the early 1980's.

The aircraft pictured is in the collection of
Australian Aviation Heritage Museum

557 Stuart Highway
Winnellie, NT 0820

These photos were taken at the Australian Aviation Heritage Museum.

Shane Weier

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Aft fuselage, viewed from the front

Fore fuselage, viewed from the rear
Vents on belly of aircraft
view of canopy


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port side gun fairing

port side gun fairing
nosegear assembly
airbrake assembly


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flap on port side of a/c

fuselage area, between the wing, and stab
engine exhaust pipe, viewed from port rear of aircraft
 tail of aircraft, viewed from port side


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port main landing gear 

starboard flap
 overall view of starboard side of aircraft
This detail shot of the wing root shows the small root fairing which I believe is made of fibreglass.  It's actually a glossy pale blue colour identical to the top section of the fin, and not white as the reflections in the photo make part of it appear


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 Starboard side of aircraft, area between the wing, and horizontal stabs

exhaust pipe, port side of aircraft
sabre stbd flap mech


Photos and text by Shane Weier