Walkaround #005

AH-1W Super Cobra

Reference photos by Steve Filak

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Photos taken at  Airshow August '99

Descriptions below provided by Chris Teet

Steve Filak

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the vertical bar between the lenses of the Telescopic Sight Unit is yet another part of the cable-cutting system designed to deflect the cables away from the TSU.

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close up of the starboard exhaust diffuser. These assemblies are designed to dampen the heat signature created by the exhaust of the helicopter's twin General Electric T700-GE-401 engines.

Shot of the tail rotor base showing one of the linkages.

An angled shot from the port-side aft of the helicopter showing the exhaust diffusers of both the engines. The red coverings are to keep foreign objects out of the diffusers when the aircraft is not in use or in storage.

an angled shot off the starboard bow of the helicopter with the decorative nose art. One thing you can see in this picture, despite the poor lighting, is the width of the main rotor blades. The AH-1W has rather wide main rotor blades, the tips of which curve in the direction of their rotation to give them some streamlining.


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A wide shot of the helicopter from the starboard-side aft showing the main and tail rotors. Note the tie-down straps used to keep the main rotors in place when the aircraft is in transport.

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Photos and text by Steve Filak