1/144 Ki 45 Toryu photo etch detail set & vacuformed canopies

Product # GRF145008 for Nichimo / Aoshima kit

Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Mar 4 2016



This detail set from Griffon includes photo etch parts and 2 vacuformed canopies for the 1/144 Ki 45 Toryu (Nick) from Nichimo / Aoshima kit.  

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This is a interior and exterior detail set that includes cockpit detail, flaps, landing gear bays and other little parts such as the antenna mast and even a rear gunner machine gun.

This is a whole pile of detail considering this is 1/144 scale kit.....quite amazing.

You can buy this decal sheet directly from Griffon.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford