1/32 USAAF P-51D Seated Fighter Pilot

Product # 54017 for Tamiya P-51D/K kits

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Feb 29 2016



This is a unpainted resin 1/32 USAAF P-51D Seated Fighter Pilot Mid-Late War 1943-45 from Ultracast.  


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The original figure was sculpted by Mike Good.  Figure shown painted is by Kevin McLaughlin, UE.

You get 2 heads so you can choose if you want your pilot wearing his oxygen mask or showing his face.  The arms and legs are separate so you can pose them to perfectly fit your model.  Possibly painting and installing this figure after you paint the cockpit and before you close up the fuselage halves might be the easiest way to install this pilot.  Check for fit before you join your fuselage halves together.


Contents as shown above include parts for one unpainted figure with two heads and an oxygen hose.  No base is included with this figure.

This figure is very well detailed and very accurate looking....even the shoe lace detail is very crisp and accurate looking.  The addition of the parachute makes it a very complete package.  Considering how many P-51 models are built, I expect this figure to sell very well.

You can buy this and many other detail items directly from Ultracast.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford