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1/48 Kh-25ML missiles 

Product # 648160

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 22 2016



This resin set from Eduard is part of the Brassin series and is available directly from Eduard Model AccessoriesThis set includes two Kh-25ML missiles in 1/48 scale.

The Kh-25ML is a lightweight Soviet air-to-ground missile with a modular range guidance system and a range of 10 km and semi-active laser guidance with tandem warhead that can penetrate 1 metre (39 in) of concrete.


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This resin set includes:

  • two complete Kh-25ML missiles

  • guidance sensor ground covers

  • glass parts made from clear resin

  • front winglets separately

  • tail fins separately

  • separate tail piece

  • two weapons pylon

  • photo etched parts to detail the wing pylons

  • decal sheet with stencils

There are 2 pages of instruction in the usual line drawing format that Eduard is famous for and which are so easy to follow.  

These missiles provide very high quality level of detail and realism and will give your Russian jet a VERY interesting weapons load.

You can buy this detail set and thousands of other items directly from Eduard Model Accessories.

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Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford