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1/48 F-86F-25/F-30 Sabre (F-40 wing) decals

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Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 9 2015


This new decal sheet from Hi-Decal Line features markings for four F-86F Sabres from 3 different countries including the Philippines, Iran and Ethiopia.
  • F-86F-25 51-13244 / 3-133 - 103rd TFS, Imperial Iranian Air Force, Kamina AB, Congo, 1963.  This IIAF Sabre was operating in the Congo as part of the United Nation Fighter Wing during the Katanga crisis.  Paint scheme is overall bare metal. 
  • F-86F-25 51-13244 / 3-140 - 41st TFS, Imperial Iranian Air Force, 4TFB Vahdati AB, 1969.  Paint scheme is Dark Green, Dark Brown and Sand on top and Light Grey on the underside.
  • F-86F-25 51-13240 / 275 - 1st Fighter Bomber Sqn, Imperial Ethiopian Air Force, Asmara AB, 1972.  Paint scheme is Dark Green, Dark Brown and Sand on top and Light Grey on the underside.
  • F-86F-30 52-4576 "Dragon" - 9th TFS, 5th TFW, Philippine Air Force, Edwin Andrews AB, Zamboanga, Mindanao, 1974.  This aircraft was lost to ground fire in 1974.  Paint scheme is Dark Green, Olive Green and Light Tan on top and Light Grey on the underside.

The instructions are straight forward and also include 4 views of each aircraft on this decal sheet to assist you in painting the camo schemes  The background for each aircraft is quite interesting from an Iranian jet flying under UN markings in Africa to the Philippines Sabre fighting Muslim extremists in Mindanao.  The instructions also include insight on weapon loads. 

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The decals themselves are flawlessly printed and very clearly printed on the 1/48 sample I have before me and are contained on 1 decal sheet.  Sone stencils are included.  Colours look solid and should cover very well, but the decals appear thin and of a very high quality.   

There are black and white instruction sheet give you all the info you need to build each of these jets.  Hi-Decal Line is famous for the variety of countries featured on their decal sheets and this decal sheet no exception to this tradition.  Colours are listed as FS#'s, Model Master and Humbrol. 

This is a great sheet and it's not very often you get a decal sheet for foreign Sabres, so I was particularly interested when I saw this decal sheet.  This sheet is also available in 1/72 as HDL 72064.

Special thanks to Hi-Decal Line for sending me this product sample.  You can purchase these decals direct from Hi-Decal Line of from retailers that carry their products.  Click here to see a list of retailers and wholesalers.  Click here for Hi-Decal Line retailers and wholesalers http://www.arcair.com/ISL/Hi-Decal_Line/retailers.htm

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford