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1/48 Fokker D.VII Part decal sheet

Product # 48-043

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 6 2015



This latest release from Lifelike Decals features four different Fokker D.VII's.  This is Part 4 of  a series dealing with the Fokker D.VII in German markings from June 1918 to November 1918. 

The 4 aircraft include a very colorful selection of paint schemes and some have some sort of artwork.

  • Fokker D.VIIF 4348/18 of Jasta "Boelche", possibly flown by Ltn. Paul Blunk (3 victories), Lenz by Mons airfield, November 1918.  This aircraft features a 4 color lozenge pattern and a white tail with the Berlin Coat of Arms on the side of the fuselage.

  • Fokker D.VIIF (O.A.W.) 4449/18 flown by Vizeflugmeister Franz Mayer (4 victories), MFJ III, Jabbek, August / September 1918.  This aircraft has a white fuselage with black diagonal stripes on the side of the fuselage with a yellow nose, elevators and wheels.  The wings are covered in a 4 color lozenge pattern.  It is quite the striking paint scheme.  The fuselage cross might be yellow or gray...both color crosses are included.

  • Fokker D.VIIF 323/18F flown by Vizefeldwebel Willy Gabriel, Jasta 11, Beugneux airfield in late June 1918.  This aircraft has a very colorful red, yellow and blue paint scheme and a (4 color?) lozenge pattern on the wings.  This aircraft is a fine example of the colorful paint schemes used by the Germans late in the war.

  • Fokker D.VII (O.A.W.) 2188/18 (?) flown by Ltn. Hans Korner, Jasta 19, Mesnil/Bruntel airfield, early July 1918 to Tichemont Airfield September 1918.   This aircraft has a very colorful yellow and blue paint scheme and a (4 color?) lozenge pattern on the wings.  This aircraft has big artwork on the side of the fuselage.

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The quality of these decals is of very good quality.  The decals themselves are clearly printed and in perfect register.  Many of the stripes are included as decals to make things easier for the modeler.  Lifelike Decals has developed a good connection at acquiring excellent reference photos etc of the aircraft on their decal sheets and their instruction sheets are always loaded with fascinating stories and helpful reference info.

With the 100th anniversary of WW1....there is a renewed fascination among modelers with the aircraft used in the Great War and this decal sheet helps to satisfy that yearning among modelers to explore those early aircraft.  I love this decal sheet and other decal sheets from Lifelike Decals....they make quality products.

You can purchase these decals either directly from Lifelike Decals at fax number is +81-3-5680-6733, and e-mail is or from HobbyLink Japan.    

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I would like to thank Lifelike Decals for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford