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1/48 RCAF D.H. Vampire decal sheet

Product # 026-48  for CAD$12.50

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 30 2015


This new decal sheet from Canuck Model Products provides markings for 2 aircraft including D.H. Vampire - AB+3 Standard Service Markings.  This sheet provides AB+3 markings and stencils for D.H. Vampire's in RCAF service.

Package Includes;

  • Professional printed high quality silk screened water slide decals

  • Enough markings for 2 models

  • 410 'Cougar' Sqn

  • 442 'Batface' City of Vancouver Sqn

  • Maintenance and warning markings

  • Proudly Printed in Canada by Canuck Model Products


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The instruction sheet is well laid out and easy to follow.  The single water slide decal sheet is of the highest quality and very clearly printed.

Reference Sources:

  • Sixty Years: The RCAF Air Command 1924-1984 - Larry Milberry

  • RCAF Squadrons and Aircraft - Kostenuk & Griffin

  • Canada's Air Force Today - Larry Milberry

  • RCAF Finish and Markings 1947-1968 (vol 1 & 2) - Patrick Martin

  • David A. Winter Photo Collection

  • Google Images

NOTE: Due to the limited amount of colour reference materials, the light blue of the 410Sqn stripes is a best educated guess. The colour was selected based on the few colour photos available as well as the known standard RCAF paints available at the time and in use on other aircraft. The modeller may wish to mask and paint a different shade of blue to their preference.

The Vampire has always been a favourite aircraft of mine due to it's very unique design.  This decal sheet captures two much loved squadrons including Cougar Squadron with it's leaping red cougar artwork and 442 City of Vancouver Squadron with its big red bat face with intimidating fangs.  It's good to see RCAF Vampire markings and the Cougar Squadron bird would be an excellent companion to other Cougar Squadron models..  

This decal sheet is also available in  1/72. 

I would like to thank Canuck Model Products for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford