1/48 Su-25 cockpit set

Product # NUK1 for Monogram/OEZ kits

Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 9 2015



This detail set from Neomega features a complete resin cockpit for the Su-25 from Monogram/OEZ.

This detail set includes;

  • Resin cockpit floor

  • 1 K-36DM ejection seat

  • Instrument panel in resin

  • Coaming to go above the instrument panel 

  • 2 resin cockpit sidewalls

  • Bulkhead shelf behind ejection seat

  • Control stick

  • Armour plate.

You can purchase this and other fine resin detail items directly from Neomega or from the many retailers that carry their products. 

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford