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1/72 Latino Americanos Mi-25 Hind decal sheet

Product # 72-013 for US$10

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 19 2004


This is the latest decal sheet from Zotz Decals and features five Mi-25 Hinds in colourful jungle camo schemes used by Peru, Cuba and Nicaragua. The decal sheet is contained on 2 separate decal sheets. 

The Mi-25 "Hind" (as it was nicknamed by NATO) is a premier attack helicopter and one of the best in the world. Its speed and firepower as demonstrated in Afghanistan for the Russian invasion forces earned it the nickname "Devil's chariot". To date it is the fastest military helicopter in the world, with a top speed of 180 knots (335 km/h). Its massive and diverse weapon-carrying capability make it an effective platform for many roles. 

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The first Mi-25 Hind's are from Peru. You have a choice of two Peruvian Hinds (#659 and #695). Aircraft # 695 was shot down during a short war with Ecuador that was called the "Alto Cenepa War" in early 1995. Aircraft #695 was shot down on Feb 7/1995 by a SA-17 missile. Colours for the Peruvian Mi-25 Hinds is Gloss Light Tan FS10318, Gloss Brown FS10111 on the upper surfaces and Gloss Pale Blue Gray FS16473 on the undersides. 

The next Mi-25 Hind #12 with the Escuadron 361, 36 Regimiento is from Cuba. I have always enjoyed the colourful blue and white national markings on Cuban aircraft. The top on this machine is painted in a blue and green camo scheme with Light Blue/Grey on the underside. Colours mixing ratios for Humbrol paints is included in the instructions. 

The last two Mi-25 Hinds #359 and #391) are from Nicaragua. Hind #359 has a gloss Brown FS10111 and Gloss Light Tan FS10318 jungle camo on the top with light blue FS16473 on the underside. Hind #391 Gloss Grey Green FS16165 and Matt Light Grey FS365595 on the upper surfaces and Pale Blue Grey FS16473 on the undersurfaces.

The 3 pages of instructions are clear enough to follow and should prove no problem and include FS #'s to aid in painting as well as colour 4 view drawings about camo and decal placement. This is an very interesting decal sheet with those jungle camo schemes everyone likes so much. 

These decal sheet retails for US$10 for 1/72, US$13 for 1/48 and US$13 for 1/32 direct through the Zotz Decals website or through retailers that carry the Zotz decals.

Special thanks to Zotz Decals for the review sample.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford