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 1/72 Japanese Aircraft of Training Units decal sheet

product # RD 72026

Product Article by Radek Lhotsky on July 12 2010


Decal set for Japanese Navy Aircraft used by Training Units 

Rising Decals has brought to us in the last 6+ years many superb decal sheets covering very interesting subjects which no one has "tackled" before. Their new decal sheet is a great example of such a subject.
Japanese Aircraft of Training Units - Navy aircraft (RD 72026) is a second sheet covering aircraft of the Training Units - this time IJN aircraft. The first sheet released under product number RD 72023 Japanese Aircraft of Training Units - Army aircraft offered 9 options is completely sold out now.
This sheet offers 8 options plus a bonus of 2 more.

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  • Option 1: Yokosuka K5Y1 Willow of Hiyakurihara Kokutai, 1940 (aircraft in all Orange Yellow with red tail).
  •  Option 2: Yokosuka K5Y1 Willow of Kasumigaura Kokutai (Orange Yellow aircraft spotting some great green snake-like lines).
  • Option 3: Yokosuka K5Y1 Willow of Kasumigaura Kokutai, 1938 (Aluminum dope and red tail).
  • Option 4: Yokosuka K5Y1 Willow of Takao Kokutai, Taiwan, summer 1944 (Orange Yellow with green fields added to upper surfaces).
  • Option 5: Yokosuka K5Y1 Willow of Takuma Kokutai, Saito AB, 1944 (Orange Yellow with solid green upper surfaces).
  • Option 6: Yokosuka K5Y2 Willow (floatplane) of Kasumigaura Kokutai, 1938 (Aluminum dope overall).
  • Option 7: Mitsubishi A6M2 model 21 Zero of Oita Kokutai, 1944
  • Option 8: Mitsubishi A6M2 model 21 Zero of Tsukuba Kokutai, 1944

The added bonus is tail markings for Mitsubishi A6M2-K of Konoike Kokutai, 1944 and Mitsubishi K3M3 Pine of Suzuka Kokutai, 1941.
This sheet is truly packed with decals and even the smallest ones (like serial number templates and stencils) are printed very well. National insignias are included and Hinomarus with white outlines are done seperately to avoid errors during printing (smart move). This way it will be only up to you to get it right. The sheet was printed by Aviprint.

The instruction sheet is printed on great quality paper with English text. All the decal placement are covered well, recommended colors (the Gunze Mr. Color Range) are listed as well as references used.

This sheet is perfect for anyone planning to build the great new kits of K5Y1/2 Willow from Valom as well as K3M3 Pine from AZ Models. I think we all are familiar with Hasegawa's A6M2 Zeros in 1/72nd scale.

The following two suppliers are a good source--get them while you can: www.Hannants.co.uk and for us on the west side of the Atlantic, go to: www.Flightdecs.ca

Mirek, thank you for another great decal sheet! I can't wait for your upcoming "goodies".

Radek Lhotsky

I would like to thank Rising Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford