1/48 P-51D Mustang 9th AF model kit

Limited Edition Product # 92215

Product Article by Dave Johnson on May 4 2010


Tamiya has re-boxed their 1/48 P-51 B and D Mustang series in two Limited Editions kits. Today I will be looking at extra contents include with the P-51D Mustang kit. The kit itself hasn’t changed in any kind form since it was first released back around 1995. So most modelers should know what to expect from this fantastic “Shake and Bake” kit from Tamiya.

For those who aren’t to familiar with the kit, the 1/48 P-51 series from Tamiya has to be the best on the market to date. The standard kit offers a lot of optional parts from the box –

  • Positionable canopy

  • Choice of standard or Dallas canopy

  • Optional pilot figure

  • Positionable flaps

  • Positionable rear radiator flap

  • Choice of exhaust stacks

  • Optional 75 gallon metal drop tanks

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In this Limited Edition boxing there has been a few extras thrown in on top of the standard items.

Two extra pilots, one seated with his arm leaning on the side of the cockpit and the other one is in a standing pose. Also included are two 108 Gallon “Paper” Drop tanks.

Cartograf in Italy has printed the decal sheet that contains the two 9th Air Force P-51D markings. Markings are for –

“Short Fuse Sallee” Flown by Captain Richard E. Turner of the 356th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group 1944. This Mustang has a round bomb with the fuse lit as the nose art and carries an impressive 20 kill markers on the side of the fuselage, these kill markers are supplied as a two part decal. 

“Skyczar” Flown by Captain Fred A. Munder, 381st Fighter Squadron, 363rd Fighter Group, August 1944. For the nose art there is a thunderbolt going through the text Skyczar and carries an eagle on the opposite side.

Both Mustangs carry D-Day stripes on the lower fuselage and wings surfaces 

I would like to thank Hobby Link Japan for supplying this review sample. 

Dave Johnson

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Photos and text © by Dave Johnson