Werner's Wings

1/48 M-261 19 Shot Rocket Pods

 product # 48-05 for Monogram AH-1F or Hasegawa AH-64  $12

Review by Floyd Werner on on Aug 10 2009


This latest release from Werner's Wings  1/48th scale M-261 Pods for the Monogram AH-1F and the Hasegawa AH-64A + D.  This pod can also be used on a UH-60DAP.  Mastered by Joseph Osborn of Fireball Modelworks for me you get all the detail he is known for.  This pod is superior to the Hasegawa pods in the Apache kit and will add to the meanness of the Monogram Cobra with its undersized rocket pods.  You only have to clean up the pour stub and not fill any seams.  I hate filling seams.  The face plate has the holes for the umbilical chords for the DPSM rockets.  The back has the igniter arms in the proper position.  There is also an indentation for where to mount them.  All very simple, easy and effective.

You can get yours by visiting www.wernerswings.com.  The are available immediately, but they will also be at the IPMS/USA Nationals in Columbus, OH along with all the other Werner's Wings stuff, including the new AH-1F decals. 

Floyd Werner

Photos and text by Floyd Werner