MAW Decals

1/48 Heavy Haulers decal sheet

product # 48-MAW-010 

Review by Albert Moore on June 20 2008



Two new decal releases from MAW Decals cover a couple of USMC heavy weights in 1/48th scale.

CH-53D/E Heavy Haulers (48-MAW-010) features;

1). CH-53D Sea Stallion (BuNo. 157133) of HMH-463, circa March 2003, in a Gloss Gull Gray finish.

2). CH-53E Super Stallion (BuNo. 163075) of HMT-302, circa October 2006, in standard two-tone tactical scheme and digital camouflaged pattern on the tail.

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These decals are printed by Microscale and have perfect registration and color depth. The instructions contain full color profiles and marking location guide, and are printed on glossy paper.

The CH-53D/E Heavy Haulers set retails for $11.99. 

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Thanks to MAW- Decals for the review sample.


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Photos and text by Steve Bamford