Pro Modellers Weathering Wash

Review by Richard Wood on Sept 16 2008




Most people who frequent the ARC forums will know of Phil Flory, his modelling skills and his wash!  His modelling company started off as Flory Models and he produced two pre-made non-toxic weathering washes in a light and dark option.  People loved it.  How easy and quick it was to use and how good the results where. 

About a year ago Phil changed is company name to 'Pro Modeller' and released his light and dark wash in an improved formula. 

Now, just over a year later Pro Modellers has released two new was colours; Mud Brown and Black.  He has also re-named the two original colours to 'Dark Dirt' and 'Light Dirt' 


Since originally using the Pro Modeller wash I, along with many other modellers felt a need for a brown wash to accommodate armour, tires...etc Phil came to the rescue and has released a lovely brown that can be mixed with any of the other washes to obtain pretty much every shade under the sun. 


Previously we had the Dark wash, which is perfect for grease stains, panel lines and general dirt. But Phil has now released Black, which is perfect for those lo-lights you want, in flap and rudder joints, gun ports...etc and anywhere else your artistic license sees you put it. 


Pro Modellers Weathering Wash is so simple to use, anyone and everyone can use it. 

All you need to do is brush it on, wait for it to dry. Then wipe it off. Different effects can be created depending on how dirty you want the aircraft/armour/ship...etc to be. For a nice dirty look you could try applying the wash before a gloss coat. Generally you will need to use a damp (not wet) piece of kitchen cloth to remove it from the paint but it works a treat. The pigments in the wash settle into the microscopic holes in the rough paint surface giving it a toned down, dirty effect. 

On the other hand if you just want to bring out all the panel line, rivet and other various details, apply it over a gloss coat. When you come to wipe it off you don't even need a damp cloth, just a clean one. A Q-Tip can get into those hard to reach areas such as pylons.

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I Highly recommend Pro Modellers Wash to everybody. It is so easy to use and you get such effective results. No more making up your own wash that might and might not work. Here is something that only costs 5.99 (about $10) for a 50ml bottle, which is enough to do roughly 20+ 1/48 models. It contains 100% natural ingredients and works every time!

For More information, pictures and videos on Pro Modellers Weathering Wash please visit 

A full stock list can also be found on the Pro Modellers website. Somehow Phil has managed to cover pretty much the whole globe. So Where ever you live, getting hold of the Pro Modellers Weathering Wash won't be a problem! 

Thank you to Phil Flory for a review sample.


Photos and text by Phil Flory & Richard Wood