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1/48 F-15I Ra'am decal sheet (Also available in 1/32 and 1/72)

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Review by Yoav Efrati on Jan 25 2008


  Sky's Decal's latest 1/48 scale F-15I Ra'am decal sheet is a brand new release devoted to the Israeli Air Force operated version of the Strike Eagle. Current marking variations and external stores stencils offered on this sheet make it a welcomed complement to earlier Ra'am decal releases. The Microscale printed artwork is in perfect register and provides the Hammer squadron's July 2006 Second Lebanon War striking sand and gunship gray eagle head markings. In comparison with current paints, I found the sand used on the eagle head a perfect match to Humbrol 121 sand. For the faded sand used atop the Ra'am I recommend using Xtracolor's X105 sand. I found Testor Model Master f.s.33531 sand a bit too yellow in comparison to the decal artwork. An interesting feature seen on 2006 vintage painted F-15I's was the use of a non standard brown below the sand headed eagle. This color was a bad batch of brown f.s.30219 which can be replicated by the use of Humbrol 84. The second option on the sheet is a trial eagle head marking option found on Ra'am no.267 during its appearance in RAF Waddington air show held in June 2001.    

     Especially exciting and unique to this sheet are complete markings for a pair of Rafael's Python IV air to air missile. Also unique to this sheet are markings for a pair of AIM-120B, Lantrin navigation and targeting pods, LAU-128 (AIM-120) missile rails, LAU-7 (Python IV) missile rails and three 600 gallon fuel tanks. Light blue nose and black fin numerals are offered to enable the modeler to do any IAF Ra'am. Two stencil variations are provided for early non fin motif Ra'am and the current fin motif option.

     For stencils and marking application a large, two page, A-4 size instructions sheet is provided. Clear line drawings show the precise location of each stencil. A six page color fold out sheet provides the camouflage painting map in four views. By enlarging the painting plans provided in the instructions masking patterns can easily be made. To close up the decal package, instructions are provided for correct decal application, something useful for the occasional modeler. So even you have a previously issued F-15i sheet this sheet will be complement your previous purchase as well as offering you a direct color match to existing Humbrol 121 sand, this is a sheet that I can recommend without reservation.  

     Sky's Decals latest decal release can be purchased directly from the owner, Sammy Dekel at e-mail address: or phone number 972-2-6454543.

I thank Sammy Dekel for providing me a sample of this sheet for review.



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Photos and text by Yoav Efrati