1/48 DO335 A-0 Pfeil model kit

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Product Article by Steven R. Stohr




The Dornier DO-335 is an amazing aircraft.  Weighing in at over 11 tons fully loaded, and spanning 45 feet, its twin DB603E's could push it along at over 470 miles per hour, at 21,000 feet.  To put this in perspective, a Bf109G tipped the scales at a max weight of 7,491 pounds, and would fly at 386 miles per hour, at 22,640 feet.  The Dornier fell victim to the lack of proper planning by the Luftwaffe, and simply went down in history as another case of too little, too late!

For many years, if a modeler has wanted to build a DO-335, he has had to turn to the time honored Monogram kit.  One of the first models I bought, when re-entering the hobby back in the late 80's, was the two pack from Monogram, containing the DO-335, and a P47 Thunderbolt, and I have built several of them since.  All in all, the Monogram kit isn't a bad one (check out what Dave Millers Pro Modeler DO-335 turned out like)  but the kit does show its age.  Along comes Tamiya to the rescue, with their newest release, the DO-335A-0.

The first sprue shown here, (front and back) contains the fuselage halves, upper fuselage spine insert, nose gear doors, and bomb bay doors.  There are no sink marks present on this sprue, but there are ejector pin marks in each of the doors that you will have to fill and sand.  The fuselage spine insert, suggests that a two seat version will be coming down the road a bit..

This next sprue, also shown front and back, contains the cockpit assembly, landing gear,  main landing gear doors, wing spar, plus some other minor bits and pieces.  There are also pin marks on many of the parts on this sprue, that will have to be taken care of, as they are in visible places.  The instrument panel is nicely done, with detail on the front, and on the back side, portraying the back side of the instruments.  

This sprue, as you can see, contains the wings, along with the nose gear, and mud guard.  The wheel bays are nice and deep, and include a bit of detail.  Unfortunately, at least with my sample, once again there are more pin marks in the wheel wells, and they will be a bit tricky to get out.

The last three images, deal with the remaining sprues and decals.  The first image, is of the sprue containing the stabilizer helves, wheels, bomb, and a pilot.  There are two of these sprues provided, and you will end up with an extra pilot figure.  These two sprues in my sample, were sink, and ejector pin free.  The next sprue, contains the propellers, spinners, cowl flaps, as well as some smaller  details.  This sprue was also sink free, but had several pin marks, but those are in areas of the parts that will not make much of a difference.  The final shot, is of the decals, and clear sprue.  In my sample, the clear parts are very nice.  The clear parts include a two pc. canopy, a landing gear lens, and a gun sight.  The decals provide marking options for three different aircraft.

After shooting the photos of the sprues, I took the sprue cutter to several parts for dryfitting, and it appears that the major components are going to go together putty free.  I feel that this kit is a nice step up from the old Monogram offering, and every Luftwaffe modeler will want to add at least one to his or her collection.  I'm not sure if the amount of pin marks in my sample, is common, or if I got a shot that has them more pronounced then others.  They will take some work to completely hide though, and some of them are in conspicuous places.  

All in all, I am looking forward to dragging this kit over to the workbench, for its turn!

Steven R. Stohr

Photos and text by Steven R. Stohr