Mike Grant Decals

Gloster Gladiator I/II decal sheet

Available in 1/72 and 1/48

Product Article by Steve Bamford




Regulars to ARC are familiar with Mike Grant Decals.  Mike has, up till now, printed his decals on his high end ALPS printer.  There has never been a question of lack of quality on any of Mike's ALPS printed sheets and I would even go so far as to say the high quality makes his ALPS sheets worth the effort of trimming the decals from the clear one piece carrier film. 

This is the first screen printed decal sheet from Mike Grant Decals.   What do you get in this package.  You get 2 pages of black and white instruction sheets (colour profiles can be found on the Mike Grant decals website) and one sheet of decals.  The decal sheet contains markings for 5 aircraft: Egyptian, captured Luftwaffe, Latvian, Greek and Lithuanian.  The variety of markings included on this one sheet is quite good as you can see from the colour profiles below.  The Egyptian plane has yellow around the fuselage national markings...this yellow is the remains of the yellow outline of the British roundels that were over-painted with the Egyptian national markings.  The register on the sample before me is good and the colours are accurate.  For model kits there have been 6 produced that I know of.  In 1/72 there are kits from Airfix, Frog/Remus, Matchbox and Heller/Encore (with this last kit being the best of the lot in 1/72).  In 1/48 there are kits from Inpact/Pyro/Lifelike/Lindberg and a new kit from Roden (I'm not sure if this kit has been released yet).  All in all....an interesting selection of markings for an overlooked but very well known and admired Bi-plane.

Steve Bamford

(resolution of decal sheet has been reduced to protect the art work)

1/48 decal sheet


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Instruction sheets.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford