Fox 3 Studios and Cutting Edge F-100C conversion comparison

by Ben Brown

F-100 fans cheered (or at least I did) when Monogram announced they were re-releasing their 1/48 scale F-100D in 2001. Until recently, the only way to get an early version of the Hun was to do some chopping and cutting. Fox 3 Studios (kit #4816) and Cutting Edge (kit #48094) from Meteor Productions have released excellent resin conversion sets to backdate the D to a late F-100A or F-100C. These sets provide parts that directly replace the respective kit parts so there is a minimum of cutting involved.

Cutting Edge Fox 3 Studios

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Cutting Edge F-100C set Fox 3 F-100C set

Here is a list of major changes needed to convert an F-100D to an A or C and how the two manufacturers chose to do this:

TAIL: One of the most obvious changes to the D is the tail. The C had a shorter tail with a differently shaped fuel vent fairing above the rudder. Here is the only major flaw in either conversion. The Fox 3 fairing is correct; the Cutting Edge has some sort of pipe sticking out of the top of the fairing. This is annoying but easily corrected with some plastic and putty. Refer to photo below. Cutting Edge provides separate rudders so one can choose between the ribbed or unribbed type.

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F-100 tails F-100C Fuel Vent Fairing

WINGS The F-100C was not fitted with flaps. Both sets provide replacement wings. Fox 3 has a one-piece replacement wing with holes for pylons and the rectangular aft refueling probe mount in place. The only change that needs to be made is to remove the reinforcing straps on the underside of the wing. These are left over from the D. The wing retains the slat rails so you can use the kit slats. Cutting Edge has their wing in two parts. They provide separate slats but leave the modeler to drill holes for pylons and to add the square refueling probe mount if needed.

SPEED BRAKE: Fox 3 provides a new speed brake with a smaller cutout in the center. The instructions show how to modify the speed brake well to accept the new speed brake. Cutting Edge provides a plug with a closed speed brake to replace the appropriate section of the lower fuselage. The instructions do not mention how to modify the kit speed brake and well if the modeler wants to show the speed brake open. Most of the time the speed brake and center main gear doors would slowly fall open after the aircraft was shut down and hydraulic pressure bled off.

MAIN GEAR DOORS: Both sets have new one-piece center main gear doors.

PYLON SWAY BRACES: Cutting Edge includes these, Fox 3 does not.

Cockpit: Cutting Edge includes an insert for the rear section of the canopy to replace the respective kit part, Fox 3 does not. Neither set provides a new instrument panel; however, the Eduard F-100D detail set (48-183) provides a C panel.


Neither set provides early-style nose wheels.

Fox 3 sells a nice set of decals for a 452 FDS jet from Foster AFB. Cutting Edge has a sheet for the wildly decorated F-100 of Col. George Lavin when he was CO of the 479 TFW.

Either conversion will build into a very nice F-100A or C. The Fox 3 set sells for $22.50 plus $3.00 shipping. The Cutting Edge set is $23.95 plus $4.50 shipping. Someone with a couple of models under their belt will have little trouble with either set. Both sets are excellent and I highly recommend either.

Fox 3 Studios

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Meteor Productions

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Photos and text 2001 by Ben Brown