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1/48 F-16A Parapack Tail

Product # CEC48482 for $17.99 for any F-16 kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 3  2005




This new resin cockpit set from Cutting Edge Modelworks includes parapack conversion parts for any F-16A kit.  This set will permit you to convert any 1/48 F-16A kit into the parapack F-16A model.  This type of F-16 is used by airforces that use drag chutes when landing their F-16's.  The parts include all you'll need to do a correct conversion including a new fin and rudder.

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The resin casting is very good and the detail is very well done.

If you're building the an 1/48 F-16A kit for an airforce that uses the parapack, then this set from Cutting Edge Modelworks is the ticket you need to complete your project.


I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.

The following text and photos was supplied by Bob Verhegghen in Belgium.  

The parapack tail was first introduced on Belgian F-16's in the mid-eighties as a container for a planned US Loral  ECM equipment . This equipment was not installed and was replaced by French carapace ECM (as seen on the attached picture-- see below). In between, it was also used as a luggage compartment for overnight flights.  This model conversion will suit any Belgian F16  but not with the parachute in it.


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The following text was supplied by Niels Christian Boman.  

Parachute housings on F-16:
The first user to incorporate this was the Royal Norwegian Air Force to help shorten the landing run on ice covered runways during wintertimes in Norway, starting with the deliveries of the first RNoAF Vipers in 1980.
Later RNLAF and RBAF also incorporated these during mid- to late 1980`s, but the difference was that the Belgians wanted to use the housing to carry ECM equipment instead of a parachute.
Later deliveries of F-16`s to Indonesia, Greece, Israel and others have since also had the parachute housing at the base of the tail. This is
however not a standard feature for the F-16, regardless of operator, but subject to the users needs most of all.
Israeli F-16`s use it for (Israeli) ECM equipment in a similar fasion as the Belgian Air Force, while the remaining users mostly use it for parachutes for shortening landing runs.
Mr. Verhegging is however correct when it comes to the Belgian ECM equipment installed in Belgian F-16A Vipers. (The B-models however don`t have the housing!)
For further reading I strongly suggest as a good source for further info on the F-16.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford and Bob Verhegghen and Niels Christian Boman