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1/48 EA-6B interior photo etch detail set

Product # 491087 for Kinetic kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on May 15 2020


This pre-painted photo etch detail set from Eduard is part of the Zoom series of photo etch sets and is available directly from Eduard Model AccessoriesThis is an extensive cockpit detail set designed for the 1/48 Kinetic EA-6B.  The parts include some pre-painted parts for the instrument panels, side consoles, canopy frames, canopy mirrors, rudder pedals, throttle controls etc.  You get one fret of pre-painted photo etch parts and one fret of unpainted photo etch parts.


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There are 3 pages of instruction in the usual line drawing format that Eduard is famous for and which are so easy to follow.  You will be required to cut away detail on the kit parts to fit these photo etched parts, but this is indicated on the instruction sheets.

You will be required to fold the photoetch in this set, but if you have one of the Hold & Fold photo etch benders from The Small Shop, then this will be an easy process.  They have a variety of benders for sharp corners as well as rounded corners and in many different sizes.

If you attach photo etch parts to clear styrene, then the CA glue fumes will fog the clear styrene.  To avoid fogging the clear styrene from CA glue fumes you can coat the clear styrene parts in Future to provide a barrier or use a different adhesive such as white glue or Future itself as a glue.  Future and white glue are effective to use to glue photo etch parts to clear styrene, but they do take a long time to dry.  

The EA6B Prowler has plenty of canopy to show off the cockpit, so this set will give you great results once it is installed.  

You can buy this pre-painted photo etch detail set and thousands of other items directly from Eduard Model Accessories.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford