Detail and Scale

F-8 & RF-8 Crusader-in Detail & Scale - Volume 8 book

Author: Bert Kinzey and Art by Rock Roszak

ISBN #: 978-1-0922277-4-2

Product Article by Floyd S. Werner, Jr. on Nov 6 2019


Detail & Scale were the first publication to combine useful reference material and models into an cohesive one-stop shop. They combined some world class research and first class models. As usual, the models cover all the scales and what is right, wrong and how to fix it. This book is no different.

Spoiler Alert-This is the best book that I’ve ever seen on the F-8/RF-8 Crusader. A softbound book available from Amazon for a very reasonable price. It contains 108 pages of high-quality printing. The pages are good high quality paper but are not glossy. There are over 245 photos, many of them are in full color. In addition to the photos, there are 22 full color drawings by Rock Roszak and 22 line drawings.


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The book covers the developmental history and the various variants. Besides the US Navy versions, the French and Philippines variants are covered, as is NASA. The part played by the Crusader in the Vietnam War is a complete section. Then there is the section that Detail & Scale is famous for, the walk around detail shots. This alone makes this book worth the price of admission. This is also the section that Rock’s artistic ability is showcased. There is a section that covers every MiG killing aircraft of the war, including what they shot down and what type of weapons system they used.

The detail section is exactly what you’d want with color callouts and plenty of useful photos to help the modeler do it right. Cockpits, canopy, fuselage, landing gear, wing, and engine details are just some of the areas. The Armament is a whole other section, along with the ECM equipment. This really is a one-stop shop when it comes to the Crusader. 

The modelers section is always the first place I go to when I get one of these books. I look at the quality of the builds and they are always good, then I peruse the scale I want to build, typically 1/48th scale. Then I check out what is written by the modelers for the modeler. This section covers every scale from 1/144th to 1/32nd.

Typical of all the of the Detail & Scale books, and digital books, this edition is THE reference for the Crusader. If you want to know something about the F-8 you can get all that information here. It is also available in digital format, which I also love. This book has it all, world class research and drawings presented in a compact edition. Again, this is THE book on the F-8 Crusader.

Highly recommended

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