1/48 Su-34 Khibiny ECM Pods

For Su-34 Kitty Hawk and Hobby Boss kits

Product Article by Steve Bamford on June 25 2012



These new resin and photo etch Su-34 Khibiny ECM Pods from Zactomodels gives you 3 versions of this pod for your next Su-34.  This set includes wingtip Khibiny ECM pods designed to fit the Kitty Hawk kit.  Parts and instructions included to fit them to the Hobby Boss kit.

The 3 configurations include:

  • 1. Without photo-etch anti-flutter fences - Initial production through mid-2015.

  • 2. With photo-etch anti-flutter fences - This modification began in mid-2015.

  • 3. Updated nosecone with photo-etch anti-flutter fences - First appeared mid-2018.

This set includes:

  • Two Su-34 Khibiny ECM Pods

  • Two photo-etch anti-flutter fences

  • Two updated nosecones so you can have either the early nose or the later nose

  • Four pre-cut vinyl stiffener plates (for Hobby Boss kit).

Resin casting is of a very high quality and all the detail is very well done with no air bubbles.  Zactomodels also has other missiles and pods that are well worth checking out.

The Khibiny ECM Pods has given the Su-34 fighter bomber the ability to evade detection by opposing forces aircraft detection systems.  These new Khibiny ECM Pods are highly detailed and very well engineered to give the modeler the ability to build their Su-34 with any version of the Khibiny ECM Pods they choose.  I am very excited to see these pods available and since they are from Zactomodels, I know the accuracy and quality will be first rate.

You can buy these direct from Zactomodels at this link.

For more detailed pictures and additional info check out the Discussion thread at ARC

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford