1/48 Skyhawk - Last Skyhawk model kit

Product # 09611

Product Article by Max Tollens 




A-4M bureau number 160264 was known as the "Easter Egg" to those who saw it at MCAS Cherry Point with VMA-331.  The final Skyhawk was delivered on Feb 27, 1979.  Hasegawa kit #09611 depicts that historic aircraft.  The kit features 11 parts trees including the clear parts in a separate bag.  Bulged MLG doors distinguished late A-4Ms with BuNo's 160241-160264. Bulged fore and aft main gear doors are included on the parts tree labeled "Q"; the fore MLG doors are fairly accurate but the aft doors are not properly shaped nor is the detail on the inside correct.  Fairings for the front of the MLG doors are included; you'll have to remove the smaller fairings already on the wing.  A pair of scissor links that went on the bottom rear of the beefier MLG are also included as well as the MLG itself.  The canopy still has a seam down the middle so you must sand and polish to remove it.  The decal sheet has decals for the inside of the slats and the flaps; you'd probably rather paint them red instead.  The instructions don't give an FS spec paint to match the blue decal so you'll have to custom mix in order to paint the top of the aircraft. With this kit you can now model any production U.S. A-4M Skyhawk bureau numbered 158148-160264.  I purchased my kit from Great Models utilizing their pre-order program.


Photos and text by Max Tollens