1/35 Mi-24 Hind model kit

Product # 05103

Product Article by Jon H. Ruehle in 2004




Years ago, I remember waiting anxiously for the Monogram Mi-24 Hind to be released. I built three of them and still love the kit despite the flaws. When I hear about Trumpeter’s push to create one in 1/35 scale I could not believe it.

I have been waiting months for this kit and it has finally arrived. Let me say that pictures do NOT this kit justice. You have to see it to believe it.

The completed kit measures 22.25” long with rotors spinning, wingspan is 7.35” wide, and main rotor diameter is 17”. I do not have an overall height as of yet, but it will be tall.

A total of twelve sprue molded in that absolutely wonderful grey plastic that we all love, with three more clear sprue and one set of photo-etch to round out this kit.


The sprue containing the fuselage halves is a giant 22” long by  13” wide, with the fuse halves stretching almost the entire length. Panel lines are crisp and clean, along with flush rivets that are deep enough to accept primer, but not enough to clog and disappear.

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Weapons, weapons, weapons!! Six full sprue containing nothing but weapons are shown above! Actually there are 3 pair of weapons sprue, so to save space here on ARC; I have left out the dupes. Note that the rocket launcher pod faces are all open and clear, ready to accept rockets.

The cockpit canopies are all positionable as open or closed, and are clear with no scratches.  A dip in Future will make these gems beautiful. I could not get a photo of the canopies that was in focus, so none are shown. 

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Instrument Photo Etch Misc.

The instrument panels are pre-punched in clear as well, with high definition acetate prints to be used as instrument faces. A few drops of Krystal Kleer or future will have them looking real in no time. There is no lack of detail on the flight deck in this kit. The main cabin is fully detailed as well, with seating for troops, floor, ceiling, etc.

The photo etch set is minimal, containing three inlet screens, windshield wipers, seat belt buckles, and a small three-bladed prop that looks like it should be on a trolling motor for a bass boat (probably something having to do with airspeed indication). There is certainly more room for photo etch on this kit (Eduard?)

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Gear Rotors Misc Wings

There is zero flash on most of the parts, with a tiny bit on a few like the main rotor blade trailing edges. All the other parts look perfect, with just a few ejector pin markings in places that will not be seen.

The kit has a complete pair of detailed engines made up of about 15 different parts for each turbine. The engine bays are begging to be plumbed, wired and weathered.

One area that could use resin right off the bat is tires (for the weighted look), as well as some individual rockets to be used to fill what looks to be empty rocket pods. I may attempt to make some from brass rod.

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Decals supplied are for two different versions of the Hind, One the Czech Air Force and the other is the CIS Army. I scanned the entire sheet, then a zoomed portion to show clarity. The decals are printed in Italy.

Just out of the box, this appears to be a “shake and bake” kit. I am starting this kit tonight. As I complete each major sub assembly, I will create a page for the ARC and post it as construction progresses.


Photos and text © by Jon H. Ruehle