Black Box

1/48 A-1H Skyraider cockpit set

Product # 48019 for Tamiya kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford




Well, this has got to be the fewest number of parts in any Black Box set up to this point.  This set is cheaper than the other Black Box sets, so the smaller number of parts doesn't mean you get less for your money.  All parts were bubble free and beautifully cast.  

The one piece cockpit tub is a nice improvement over the Tamiya kit tub.  The resin Black Box tub has more detail than the Tamiya tub...namely the cables and switch boxes down low in the the switches and buttons/knobs on the side consoles are quite well done....they will paint up beautifully.  The instrument panel isn't much of an improvement over the kit's instrument panel and this set doesn't come with sidewall panels.  This is a slight shame because there is some sidewall detail not well represented if at all by the Tamiya parts.  

But the seat...oh the a huge improvement over the Tamiya seat.  The Black Box seat is more delicate and detailed plus it has the seat belts and considering the seat is the focal point of any cockpit.....I think this will make all the difference in improving the Skyraider's cockpit.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford