1/72 Esci CF-5A(R)

Gallery Article by Phillip Steele on July 22 2009


A  434 squadron CF-5A(R), ready for a long mission. This is the third one of these CF-5/CF-116's I've built, but the only photo version. They are fairly well done kits for the price. This one showed up on E-Bay, a while back.  It was boxed as a CRF-5A.

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Suffering from a badly dimpled left wing, it almost ended up as a spares contribution. Filling, sanding & re-scribing that wafer thin wing was fun, believe me. Other than that, it's a straight forward build, almost O.O.B. 

I replaced the gun barrels with tubing, and replaced the flags and roundels with ones that were printed sharper. 

Phillip Steele

Photos and text by Phillip Steele