1/72 Academy 'Follow Me' Jeep

Gallery Article by Graham Mansell on June 2 2009


I needed to get something done to pull out of a screaming getting nothing done dive! So I pulled out the jeep from the Academy P-51 kit and went to work. My best guess is that somewhere, at sometime, a ground crew 'arranged a loan' (stole) an Army jeep and did the work required to be a follow me vehicle. The 'work' I did was to add a radio, between the seats, the follow me sign, and something to attract a pilot's attention!

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I made the radio from a piece of a pour block from a resin part, added some knobs to the front, a mike, and an antenna. The follow me sign is plastic with the lettering printed from my computer and pasted to the plastic. 

The 'Beer Can' is from the Academy vehicles set.

Graham Mansell

Photos and text by Graham Mansell