1/48 Scratchbuilt Yakovlev Yak-130 Mitten trainer

by Manfred 'Fredy' Tukot



This is my second scratchbuilt model I've finished in years, the first one being the Yak-38M Forger already featured here on ARC. I stayed true to the Yakovlev series and decided to make another Yak design - this time the modern combat trainer and light attacker Yak-130 Mitten. Yakovlev pursued the development together with Italian Aermacchi, but in 1999, the partnership was dissolved after the partners were unable to agree on certain aspects of the design. Both companies carried on their own development and both succeeded to come out with a final design - the Italian version is designated M-346 Master. The Russian version Yak-130 has won the competition for a new Russian trainer, beating its rival MiG-AT by a relatively large margin.

62 Yak-130s are on order for the Russian AF (together 250 are planned) and at the time I am writing this, at NAZ Sokol plant first airframes are said to be in production for the launch export customer, the Algerian Air Force, which ordered 16 machines as supplement to their newly delivered Sukhoi Su-30MKA fighters.

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My model represents the first series production aircraft, designated 01, in the layout presented at MAKS 2005 airshow. Three other machines were built up to date, the 02, 03 and the 04 which came in as a replacement for the 03 that crashed on July-26-2006 (both pilots ejected). The whole model, including cockpit, wheels, landing gear and canopy was again made from zero, only bits and pieces of plastic. I have included many pics that show the progress of the model from the very start.

I would like to thank my good friend Flex for providing an inspiration to build this model, as well as for tons of pics and reference material to this particular type. See you on ARC with another model built from scratch!

Greetings from Kosice, Slovakia

Manfred 'Fredy' Tukot

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Photos and text by Manfred 'Fredy' Tukot and Flex