1/32 Mustang P- 51 in junkyard

by Angel Romeral



I bought this model at 1/32 scale by mistake many years ago. I did not feel like making a model that large, so I decided to put it away. After many years without knowing what to do with it, I finally got an idea, I should mutilate the model somehow to make it smaller. Here is the result. 

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Most of the pieces you see in the engine section are scratchbuilt. I used a resin kit for the cockpit and added some barrels to “balance” the display.  

The rag covering part of the engine saved me from a hard time detailing the engine. For the rag, I glued a piece of cloth to a silver foil adhesive tape. The cloth gives a realistic look, and the silver foil allows you to shape the cloth as you wish. 

Regards from Spain

Angel Romeral

Photos and text © by Angel Romeral