1/48 MPM Bell P-63A King Cobra

by Erik "Wiggy" Smith



Greetings. Checked the "Gallery" for P-63's and only saw one! Thought I'd help bolster the numbers. The gallery has always been such a great research tool. Lots of "good stuff" there.

This particular King Cobra caught my eye while thumbing through an old Air Racing magazine. I did some research about the aircraft and decided to build it.

During 1971, famous race/test pilot Daryl Greenamyer sold this airframe (and others) to Larry Havens. Havens then had "Pylon Air" in Long Beach, California prepare the old Fighter for the National Air Races at Reno, Nevada. On a 7 September 1972 test flight, Havens heard a large "BANG" from the engine compartment and bailed out. N9009 crashed into the Pacific and Havens was rescued. 

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The MPM kit was a good starting point for the project. I simply did what "Pylon Air" did: clipped the wings, reworked the carburetor intake and added the "cosmic wind" canopy. I built this model many years ago yet it remains one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoyed "Race 90", Wiggy
Erik "Wiggy" Smith

Photos and text by Erik "Wiggy" Smith