1/48 L&M Resin PC-9A & PC-9AM 

by Igor Petrovic



PC-9A in 1/48 scale is produced by L & M Resim Models from Croatia. This company is known for their range of sometimes unusual and rare subjects in resin kits form, like their series of Pilatus PC-9 in 1/72 scale including Texan II, Kraguj aircraft and pre WW 2 aircraft and gliders from Europe.

This kit consists of a quite cleanly moulded resin parts for the one piece airframe, and one piece wings and 48 other resin parts.  One propeller are included, with the spinner moulded separately  to this version. Surface has good detail with recessed panel lines that are quite fine.

Two PE sets  provide both instrument panels complete with photo-film for instruments and other cockpit instruments,  pedals, seat belts, air brakes and small tubes.

Two vac-form canopies are supplied. 

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There are six sets of decals , for four ( 4 ) different countries.

  • 1 ) Swiss Air Force

  • 2 ) Croatian Air Force PC-9A, overall black with white 051 nuber, than white PC-9AM ( A model put to M standard ) the same aircraft as above after modernization,

  • 3 ) Slovenian Air force A versions, with old bright scheme and  modern camo

  • 4 ) RAAF

The instruction sheet has a parts map, and the assembly diagram.  The resin and PE parts each have their own bag and the all parts and decals are sealed in a larger bag.  The box has nice artwork of  3 Croatian Air Force examples.  

I recommend this kit to anyone who wants an attractive and different subject in their collection.


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Photos and text by Igor Petrovic