1/24 HLF 20/16 Fire Dept Bonn 

(old capital)

by Georg Fuhrmann



Hello everyone,

This is my second lit model. This time I chose a 1:24 scale fire truck from Revell. It´s the HLF 20/16 and is painted in the Fire Department Bonn color scheme.

Bonn is the old capital of Germany, now it´s Berlin L

A HLF means “Hilfs-Lösch-Fahrzeug” and it is used to support on fire fighting missions, equipped with hydraulics, lights, hoses and electrical generators.  

All the lights are working, the light mast on the top, emergency lights and the rear saving lights flashing in a certain direction for traffic management.

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Best regards from Germany,  J.


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Photos and text © by Georg Fuhrmann