UK Nationals 2008

by Patrick Nevin



First, some pictures of men 

Photo # 03

This man is truly a gentleman as he didn't stomp my ignorant guts out when my Nikon lens hood fell on his A6M and made it sag - thankfully only for a short time - at the knees. A moment I will never forget. His temper control is awesome and if he's ever in Glos he isn't paying for his drinks.

Photo # 04
This man is Robert Schatton and his company makes some of the most gorgeous machined metal aftermarket in the world. Hah, and I own some of it 

tPhoto # 05
This is Mat Irvine, well known sci-fi artist/engineer/modeller taking his quite well known dog for a walk.

Atmos shot:
Photo # 06

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Photo # 07
A really nice gent showed me these and I was pretty sickened. Then he told me he'd "knocked them together" in two days for the show. I had to go elsewhere to be physically sick with envy.

Airfix Mossie:
Photo # 08

Revell '88 (bet they wished they'd had it for sale. It would have been like a shark pool)
Photo # 09

HTH - 


PS Can I just say, selling the 32nd He-162 at 4.99 was really friendly? I was forced to buy (another) two 

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Photo 07


Photo 08


Photo 09


Photo 10






Photos and text by Patrick Nevin