1/72 KP Avia B-33

by Damir Stanzer


  Czech National Day 2008 


The Soviet Il-10 ground attack aircraft remained in service with the Czechoslovak Air Force, as B-33, throughout the fifties and on into the early sixties. The Il-10 is the last and most fully matured of the classical, heavily armoured, piston engine ground attack planes. The type was produced under license by the Czechoslovak Avia works in the early fifties.

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The model represents Avia B-33 on display at the Aviation museum in Prague-Kbely. It is based on a kit produced by KP (Kovozavody Prostejov), a company later known as Kopro. Kit modifications and improvements included work with cockpit interior, landing gear (wheel discs, bay and "legs"), rocket tubes, front fuselage shape, exhaust pipes (from KP Avia S-199 kit) and spinner (from Mastercraft Il-2 kit). Czech roundels are Extratech products, number 5502, and stencils are home made.


Photos and text by Damir Stanzer