1/72 Hasegawa F-18F

by Chew Eng Hui



Hi Guys,

Overall fit was very good.  The kit wings were cut and repositioned, everything you need to fold the wing is in the kit except for the minor hinge detail.  Took some time but its done.  

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I'm very happy with the scheme, originally it was planned to be a Jolly Roger's CAG plane.  The "VFA-102 50th Anniversary" scheme fits the folded wings very well, methinks.  It looks like an X-Wing.  The Cartograph decals are some of the best I've worked with, very, very minor decal excess on them, hardly any space for them to silver.  

The red used was Gunze, MrColor 327, FS11136.  Many thanks to Jason Cheah for pushing me to build this plus for the decals.

Thanks Steve for a great site.


Eng Hui

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Photos and text by Chew Eng Hui