1/48 Hobbycraft CF-105 Avro Arrow

by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler



This is the 5th time I have done an Avro Arrow.  The first 3 going back over 30 years are long gone to the garbage heap.  I still have the 4th one in 1/72 scale but not for long.  This is the 5th.  I picked up this kit a couple years ago when Hobby Craft retooled and re-released it.  Some of the changes I know about include, much better (but still lacking) landing gear.  At least this time the gear was usable.  This time a bay for the landing gear is included but as you see I built the model wheels up, so all the new stuff was for not.

Another nice thing is this time the wings were not up-side down regarding much of the details unlike Hobbycraft's initial release.  That kind of helps.

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As mentioned, this time I built the model wheels up.  Simple reason this is one of the planes that just look better in flight.  Now, I am not going to bore you about the details of the Avro Arrow and how it was better then almost everything it was to compete against if not for the conspiracies and political stupidity that caused its cancellation.  The plane that replaced it the CF-101 Voodoo could not meet the known stats of the Arrow, let alone the potential offered by the Mk.2.  Cost was a problem, but if ordered in equal numbers the Arrow would have cost millions less then each CF-104 Starfighter in 1959 dollars.  One  comparison I will make is the size, One of these photos show how BIG the Arrow was in comparison to the F-14 Tomcat, which is not exactly a small airframe.  Back to the legend, there are lots of books and even a full movie (which although mildly entertaining is so full of crap regarding reframe 206 at the end.......well.....it is interesting if not depressing, the Arrow WOULD have been one heck of a Interceptor...........) back to the model.

I think Hobby craft still missed a few things. The cockpit is still garbage, hence the in-flight.  But a wonderful if not MASSIVELY expensive replacement is available.  I have fondled the resin replacement and gave serious thought to buying it.  But really, once it's in the model I figured I would not see ANYTHING.

Hobbycraft also missed the cock bottle effect.  They did however capture it much better in the old 1/72 kit.  Which is rather odd.  As with all Hobbycraft kits, the Arrow is a putty hog.  I wont go into detail, but I did need a new bottle mid way through the build.  The pilots (well you can only see one) are from a F-18 kit, slightly modified.

The display stand was a real deal, so good I bought 5 more since.  Its a camera stand I found at a local dollar store.  As you can see its positional and at $1 you can't go wrong.

Also, as for near every model I have done the past few years, this is another group build.  In this case the "Gone but not forgotten group build."


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Photos and text by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler