1/48 Mini Hobby Model + Zhengdefu 


by Nazaruddin Hashim


Malaysia 51th Merdeka Day 2008 


Converting Su-30 MK to Su-30MKM.

kIT-Mini Hobby Model + Zhengdefu
Decals-VFA Production (MIG-29N)

This build was a kit bash of the Mini Hobby Model Su-30MK kit and Zhengdefu flanker kits from my scrap yard.  Initially I wanted to a build Su-30MKM by using the MHM kit, but the MHM nose is out of shape in my opinion, then I took an old Zhengdefu nose with its better shape and bashed it to the MHM body.  Well if we want batter accuracy, we can always use the Academy Su-29UB with resin corrections nose by Zacto.

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To convert the Su-30MK to a Su-30MKM, I've to scratchbuild a few features that are unique to the SU-30MKM.  These include adding the Canard & shoulders from Bondite and plastic cards, the IRST was done by removing the original IRST, sand the cutting edge with 340 grade sand paper, then wet sanding with 400 grade and followed by 1000grade sand paper, after that polish with autosol, Tamiya compound and car wax, and I rebuild a new IRST by using Bondite.


Other modifications include converting the front landing gear to fit twin tires, adding a refueling probe, RWR Antenna, MAWS antenna, FFWL antenna, RFLW ANTENNA,  and increase the chord of the rudder, and reposition the TVC Nozzle.

I also Converted 4 B-29 figures from Monogram to RMAF Pilot and ground crew for the diorama.

Happy 51th Merdeka Day Malaysia

Photos and text by Nazaruddin