Academy's Thunderbolts in 1/72

straight out of the box!

by Raul Corral



Hola amigos!

Here are some pictures of my just finished Thunderbolts from Academy, in 1/72 scale.  What can I say... they are amazing!  Apart from two or three small things we should correct easily, the kit from Academy is a great value for the pocket. One of the two Jugs cost me online just 3.85 US Dollars!

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They were very easy to build.  I used simple technics to finish them and they look just fantastic.  The general level of detail is very good for such a small scale and low price.  You can follow the step by step construction and more pics on my small homemade website (in Spanish but with hundreds of step by step pictures!)


I used just some paper to build the seat belts... the rest came in the box of Academy (including the decals).  I can not even imagine how could they look if you add some after market parts!

I will build more of these beautiful Jugs in the next months.  Revell and Tamiya have the best Jugs in this scale but Academy represents a great value for our pockets (it is cheaper and good).  If you are thinking for instance of building four or five Jugs at the same time to make use of all markings from a Decal Sheet go for the Academy kit!!


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Photos and text by Raul Corral