1/72 Heller Su-30MKM

Royal Malaysian AF

by Ken Duffey


  Malaysia National Day 2008 


The Su-30MKM was made by converting the Heller Su-27UB. I added canards and their mounting shoulders from thick plastic card, the rudders were increased in chord, the RMAF-specific MAWS and Laser Warning receivers were added and downward-deflected Thrust Vector Control nozzles were fitted.

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The twin-wheel nose undercarriage was scratch-built, complete with its distinctive slatted anti-FOD guard. Other changes were made to the cockpit - MFD screens etc and the Infra-Red Search-and-Track (IRST) ball on the windscreen was offset to starboard and a retracted IFR probe was fitted.

The model was airbrushed using Humrol enamels - Hu-165 is a good match.  The decals came from the RMAF sheet by VFA Decals - but I had to make my own 'slime lights' that are fitted to the fuselage, wingtip rails and fin.


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Photos and text by Ken Duffey