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1/150 Doyusha U-209

by Ray Hemenway


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This is the motorized, automatic diving and surfacing 1/150 kit.  Not a very realistic scale kit.  It came as the U-581, but the decals were way off.  Any sub geek can pick it apart for days.  That said I bought one on E-bay anyway.  I thought it may be fun to try.  The kit arrived and the instructions were in Chi-Japa-Korea-neese I guess, not sure, couldn't read it.  The photos were universal so I went that route. 

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Things progressed nicely until the wiring portion.  If you follow the instructions, it WILL NOT work correctly.  I assumed the instructions to be correct and several do-overs and trips to Radio Shack followed.  Even a "test flight" usually reserved for tedious model airplanes.  Still didn't work.  An important step was omitted.  Throw away the instructions.  Once in the trash and with a little common sense it bench tested perfectly.  Warmer weather will soon allow for her Maiden Voyage.


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Photos and text by Ray Hemenway

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